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Even if you’re on the right track, you’ll get run over if you just sit there.

– Will Rogers

Get To Know Lyle

yle began his employment career in web offset printing. When he learned that he was no longer able to continue in the printing field, Lyle decided to retool for other employment. During schooling it became apparent that he needed to learn to use a computer. This led, not only to the discovery of the I.T. world, but also that Lyle could actually make them do stuff. He ultimately completed a networking degree. For the past 15 years Lyle was employed at a small private school, keeping their network alive, and doing a wide variety of tasks that needed to get done. The only job he never did was work in the kindergarten class.
Through his years at the school Lyle became acquainted with RevNet on both a professional and personal level. That relationship has now led to his employment with the company and he is excited to be a part of a great team.
During the many 10 – 16 hour work days in printing, and the late night studying for class or fixing computer/network issues, Lyle could not even begin to estimate the amount of coffee consumed. Suffice it to say, one day at the printing plant Lyle caught the general manager pouring a pot of coffee Lyle had just made down the drain. The manager exclaimed, “You can’t drink this stuff! Use it for press wash may be, but you can’t drink it!”.

Fun Fact

Lyle still lives on a part of the farm his great grandfather homesteaded in the late 1880’s.

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