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We pride ourselves on developing environments independent of location and platform. Our mission is solving your business challenges with technology solutions.

Solutions Architecture

As with any solutions architecture our experienced staff is committed to accurately translating the business requirements into a robust and scalable information technology solution. However, what differentiates us from other consulting companies and to some extent even a company’s internal I.T. teams is our ability to create solutions completely independent of licensing model, service consumption model, and the location where the organizational services reside.

Making our clients happy isn’t always easy, so being a Solutions Architect at RevNet often means long hours working out requirements with customers, collaborating with our partners, and coffee, lots of coffee.

On Premises

Cloud solutions are growing in popularity, but sometimes a business may prefer on premises solutions for increased control and security, or for regulatory compliance. RevNet has solutions to help you meet all your on premises software and I.T. needs.

Data Center

Lower Expenses, Reduce Risk, and Scale as Needed

RevNet takes pride in helping customers lower short and long term capital and operating costs by providing access to our two privately owned data centers. The RevNet Data Centers are strategically located approximately 50 miles north of downtown Minneapolis.

Within our two Data Centers RevNet provides customized Hosting, Colocation, Business Continuity/Disaster Recovery, and Public-Private-Hybrid Cloud solutions. RevNet can also provide “hot/cold-sites” for Disaster Recovery (DR). With so many applications becoming mission critical, RevNet has become a go to source to provide hosted applications.  These include inventory control, electronic medical records, student records, and enterprise web sites/applications.


At RevNet, we believe that adoption of cloud computing is more of a journey than a destination. We work closely with our customers to enable and manage a cloud adoption strategy specific to their business objectives. Understanding and enabling multi-sourced cloud services and delivery models allows our solutions architects the ability to personalize these services and take advantage of the dynamic cloud marketplace. However, with that flexibility comes complexity. IT organizations need to identify which workloads fit, choose the best platform(s), and then enable dynamic automation, orchestration, integration and support for success.

RevNet hybrid cloud services are designed in a way that serves our customers entire business I.T. value through orchestration and cloud brokerage capabilities to unify the consumption, delivery, and management of a multi-sourced, hybrid cloud environment — including on premises cloud — allowing our customers a customized strategy and take advantage of the first-rate pricing and performance for any given scenario.


RevNet’s partners consist of global, industry-leading technology and services companies. Together we help our customers increase the speed and agility with which they fix their pain points. Our customers are very important to us, and we are creating an ecosystem of partners, so you can work with your choice of trusted advisors. RevNet’s Partners help us maximize your success.


At RevNet, we love our customers! Not just because they pay us, but because we love when our technology ideas and implementation help propel their business forward! We really love what we do!

That’s what makes us different. Our passion truly is to improve your business. Nothing makes us happier than your success!

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