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The Clouds (Hybrid) Will Continue To Increase

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Today I ran across some research from Compass Intelligence. This research has been presented via a number of outlets including Forbes. Reading through the data, got me thinking about a post I made just a few days ago. Expanding on that post, collocation/hosting vs. cloud service provider, the research shows that 18% of small business are using a hybrid cloud solutions.

The article is great and provides a wealth of information on how and where a small business will benefit from the continual evolution of computing, the hybrid cloud. However, the article does not necessarily address what you might want to look for in a hybrid cloud service partner. Although, the topic is considerably deeper than this, here are a few thoughts to consideration:

1.) Beyond a strong, well experience professional services team, your hybrid cloud service partner should be able to draw from a number of hardware and software vendors. They should also have multiple methods to licenses your hardware and software investments, these include both traditional and cloud options. This will allow for the most robust architecture across multiple locations and facility types.

2.) Your hybrid cloud partner should have privately owned and collocation facilities, as well as strategic cloud vendor partnerships for the hybrid cloud solutions. A true business I.T. solutions partner should also be willing to consider your facility, (if it meets requirements) as part of the infrastructure. In short, the private facilities allow for scale and continuity. While the collocation (or local) site and cloud vendor partnerships tend to serve needs of increased performance or reducing latency.

3.) Your hybrid cloud service partner should understand, that there is no such thing as an I.T. project. All projects are business projects! It’s just that more and more of these projects require some type of technology, which leads me to my final point.

4.) As the adoption of hybrid cloud solutions increase, the blend of people resources will evolve in your business. It’s been long understood that I.T. managed service companies tend to displace some (if not all) of the technical staff. It’s critical that your service partner be able to compliment your business/technical teams, not replace them. There should be some level of experience, in the vertical you are in. The partner should have staff that can provide CIO, Director of IT expertise. All staff within a hybrid cloud solutions partner will be great at working with your subject matter experts to solve problems, this is mandatory.

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