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Hybrid Cloud Strategy

A true Hybrid Cloud Strategy blends all the systems and services of Information Technology, strategically placing workloads where they provide the highest level of functionality.  A hybrid cloud strategy must be started from the ground up, network, routing, services, then applications. Customers who combine RevNet’s managed express route, Hosting and Disaster Recovery solutions, and Microsoft Azure form a best of breed hybrid cloud solution!

ExpressRoute Rapid Design

ExpressRoute Rapid Design is a professional service offered by RevNet to discover and design an ExpressRoute connection(s) for our customers.  This process involves a customer’s Network, Server, and Application teams to establish Layer 2 and 3 network design to effectively integrate ExpressRoute with the customer’s network.  RevNet Architects help determine VLANs required, IP addressing schemes, VNET Gateway configurations, Layer 2 connection partners, etc… in this process.  Determining the size of ExpressRoute connection required is an important part of an ExpressRoute implementation.  Through the Rapid Design process we help determine usages of applications and services in both Microsoft Azure and other Microsoft Online services such as Office 365.  Then we help determine the required bandwidth utilization for all services combined.  All of this data is then rolled up in to a rapid design package, ready for implementation!

Managed ExpressRoute

RevNet offers a unique Managed ExpressRoute service that is not telco dependent.  This service helps accelerate ExpressRoute deployments over standard telco based deployments.  ExpressRoute presents challenges as it blends cloud based networking and architecture, with BGP peering, QinQ VLANs, and complex routing schemes.  RevNet’s years of experience in hosting services, complex Internet routing, and now public cloud infrastructure, we can provide all the skillsets required to make your Hybrid Cloud happen fast!  The Managed ExpressRoute service from RevNet is also uniquely positioned to help customers with multiple hybrid cloud needs.  From on premises hosted applications and systems to Disaster Recovery, VM hosting and physical colocation – to public cloud workloads – our Managed ExpressRoute service provides a strategic platform for all our customer’s Hybrid Cloud needs.  Our Managed ExpressRoute Service features the following:

  • Managed BGP routing/peering setup
  • N+1 Routing Redundancy
  • N+1 Switching Redundancy
  • Azure VNET Gateway Configuration
  • Direct Link to RevNet Cloud Hosting and DR Solutions
  • 24x7x365 Monitoring
  • 99.999% Uptime SLA

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