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Businesses of all kinds trust Revelation Network Management

The team at RevNet has over 20 years of individual experience within information technology. We have worked with a wide range of customers in many industries. This experience has allowed us to see many issues that are common to all. From that experience we have become a group of solutions focused, business driven, information technology architects.

Our wide-ranged experience has allowed us to find our passion in specific business areas. We have worked with large and small companies in healthcare, retail, education, state/local government, and more. We have drilled down in this area, working as administrators, strategists, and business persons.

Our experience in both large and small, broad and focus solutions puts us in the unique position to suggest what you need to move your business forward. We are not tied to vendor, location, or method. We architect your business success through I.T. solutions!


RevNet has a team of professional I.T. staff with a long history of partnering with Healthcare organizations to improve patient care.


RevNet works closely with a number of retail organizations. In partnership we create technology solutions that move their business forward.


RevNet has more than 20 years of experience working with State and Local Government teams. Our experience, combined with innovative thinking, produces rapid results.


RevNet builds reliable I.T. services and solutions for all aspects of manufacturing business. We understand that cost-effectiveness is a top priority for manufacturers.


RevNet creates solutions for making teacher and student time in the classroom more productive. With over 20 years of experience we provide solutions that continually drive down costs and manage overhead.

Data Centers

RevNet has owned and managed data centers for more than 10 years. This puts us in a unique situation to help you operate yours.

Markets We Serve


IT Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

We have a long history of partnering with Healthcare organizations. We have staff at RevNet with hands on, day-to-day, business and operational experience working directly for these organizations. The RevNet Professional Services team prides itself on working hand-in-hand with our healthcare customers to solve their most pressing business problems by providing technology to achieve organizational objectives.

We help our customers accelerate the adoption of new technology, improve patient data security & backup, meet and maintain regulatory compliance, and much more.


IT Solutions for the Retail Industry

The Solutions Architects at RevNet understand many of the top issues in providing I.T. solutions to the retail industry. With our customers we have enhanced the management and user security point of sale (POS), the ability to control and report on privileged users, and the ability to back up and recover critical data.

We have implemented solutions allowing our customers to manage the configuration of all POS systems from a central location. We can support your business by implementing tools that manage user access to systems and allow for immediate disabling and reporting of unauthorized users. These two solutions alone have saved our customer thousands of dollars as well as staff hours.

More and more retailers are beginning to notice that technology’s role is one of an enabler. At RevNet our Solutions Architects are an integral part of the customer information technology that is speeding up processes to deliver cost saving benefits to the organization.

Local / State Government

IT Solutions for Local / State Government

The public sector is in the midst of a radical transformation in the way its business gets done. Governments are realizing the need to increase the productivity of their public services and introduce more “citizen-focused” solutions at both city and county levels. RevNet strives to work with each of these customers to deliver creative solutions that meet these needs.

With over 20 years’ experience, we’ve provided I.T. services and solutions designed to help state agencies, county offices, and cities to meet their targets in local government administration, as well as social, judicial, and education services. Our experience combined with innovative thinking produces rapid results for many of the customers we engage with. We have quickly converted legacy systems to meet current and future needs.


IT Solutions for Manufacturers

Manufacturing companies need reliable I.T. services and solutions for all aspects of their business. RevNet knows from experience that cost-effectiveness is a top priority for manufacturers. That is why we help many turn to cloud services as a way to reduce I.T. expenses. We don’t simply toss out the old, but we work with it. This not only helps the organization save upfront hardware and software costs, but it is far simpler to manage this integrated hybrid cloud solution. Robust, cloud-based business applications give manufacturers an edge in a competitive global environment.

Manufacturing companies need modern tools for communication and collaboration. Whether for coordinating internal production, partnering with suppliers on R&D projects, or sharing data about supply chain logistics and costs, success depends on real-time collaboration. RevNet Solutions Architects bring these solutions to life for our customers every day. We can enhance your business with technology, too.

Education (K20)

IT Solutions for Education Providers

We understand that, like each pupil, every academic institution has a unique set of requirements and challenges that it faces every day. For over 20 years RevNet has helped k12 schools, colleges, and universities overcome and conquer these issues. Our Customers believe that by having a consistent and reliable relationship, with an organization like RevNet, the organization can successfully design and implement I.T. solutions that meet these requirements or eliminate the challenges.

We have dedicated ourselves to I.T. for education and we learned over time the distinct demands. We’ve provided solutions to a large number of institutions that continually drive down costs and manage overhead. We can help you to select the most appropriate I.T. solutions and services as well as highlight new emerging technologies developed specifically for the academic market.

We’d love to talk about how RevNet can help your school manage I.T. for less money. We’re happy to provide fantastic references from other schools that we work with.

Data Centers

IT Solutions for Data Centers

Having owned and operated our own data centers for many years puts us in a unique situation to help you operate yours. We have built a solid reputation that comes from years of experience designing, implementing, and managing all that goes into properly running a data center for your business. We have been focused on the availability, management, and optimal utilization of data center technologies since the day our doors opened.

We take all that experience and ensure proper strategic alignment with your business as we mutually develop solutions within your data center.  The RevNet practice consists of experienced professionals dedicated to the task of identifying and understanding trends, technologies, and products that best achieve the desired results. RevNet also leverages our strategic partners knowledge to provide guidance and direction during our customer engagements.

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