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We understand that, like each pupil, every academic institution has a unique set of requirements and challenges that it faces everyday day. For over 20 years RevNet has helped k12 schools, colleges, and universities overcome and conquer these issues. Our Customers believe that by having a consistent and reliable relationship, with an organization like RevNet, the organization can successfully design and implement I.T. solutions that meet these requirements or eliminate the challenges.

We have dedicated ourselves to I.T. for education and we learned over time the distinct demands and provided solutions to a large number of institutions that continual drive down costs and management overhead. We can help you to select the most appropriate I.T. solutions and services as well as highlight new emerging technologies developed specifically for the academic market.

We’d love to talk about how RevNet can help your school manage I.T. for less money. We’re happy to provide fantastic references from other schools that we work with.

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